Top 5 New Plants for Your Garden

Spring is coming, and it is time to start thinking about new plants, trees, and flowers for your garden. Are you looking to add something to your garden? Read on to learn about plants you can grow.

– Flowers. Flowers are everyone’s favorite. From sunflowers to roses to daisies, everyone loves flowers.

Some flowers only bloom for one year; if you want them in your garden next year, you have to re-plant them. Others can bloom for many years to come, provided you care for them.

– Fruit trees. If fruit trees work in your climate zone, congratulations! When getting a fruit tree for your garden, you are getting decor AND you are getting fruit, that you will be able to enjoy. Remember to check if a particular fruit tree can thrive in your climate, and enjoy your tasty harvest!

– Bushes and shrubs. While not everyone gets excited about planting bushes and shrubs, they can add great colors and balance to your garden. Some bushes bloom with great looking flowers. Others have cool-looking berries, that make them great decorational plants.

– Ivies and Vines. If you want your plants to grow high, rather than wide, take a look at vines and ivies. You may use them to cover patios and fences, and you can also use them as decoration for your garden.

– Ground covering plants. If you want to cover the ground between your other plants, look into the ground-covering plants.

Enjoy springtime – it is a fabulous time to add to your garden, adopt a new plant, and start some garden work.

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