20 Tips For The Perfect Massage

20 Tips For The Perfect Massage

1. Start the massage with light, long strokes along the length of the client’s body. This is known as the effleurage massage stroke and it will help to relax and stimulate the body.

2. When using massage oils, always warm the oil before using. If the oil is too cold, it can be uncomfortable for the client.

3. Keep your strokes continuously flowing, rather than jerky and repetitive.

4. Make sure you take regular breaks so the massage does not become tedious for the client.

5. Ensure your massage surface is comfortable for the client by placing extra padding such as pillows or towels.

6. Dress appropriately; wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid strong perfumes, in order to make the client feel comfortable.

7. Always use massage lotions or oils with good slip in order to reduce stress on your hands and also provide a sensual and smooth experience for the client.

8. Take time before the massage to learn about medical history, allergies, and any areas of the body which are restricted in movement.

9. Provide appropriate music, or keep the room quiet if the client would prefer this.

10. Use both hands, alternating between the left and right hands.

11. Ask the client to give you feedback during the massage.

12. Breathe slowly and deeply to relax tension from your body and reduce pain.

13. Ask the client if he or she needs more or less pressure.

14. Focus on the areas where muscle tension is located.

15. Give the client time to relax and drift off into a peaceful state during the massage.

16. Find a good rhythm when giving a massage.

17. Make sure the room is warm and comfortable, providing extra towels or blankets if necessary.

18. Talk to the client in a soothing or calming manner.

19. Be aware of the client’s reactions throughout the massage.

20. Offer aftercare advice such as drinking lots of water, gentle stretches, and relaxation techniques.

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