Mens Quotes And Talking About Women

Mens Quotes Talking About Women

I saw this post in Reddit recently it was Men talking about or quoting things women do/did.

Believe their actions, not their words. If she treats you like shit while saying she absolutely loves you. Believe her actions.
Couldn’t resist to share some of them here.

Married with 5 daughters. The only thing I’ve learned is, they don’t want you to solve their problems, until they do.

Never say ‘I told you so’. The best ‘I told you so’ is the one left unsaid. They know

Honestly married now, and had around 5 serious girlfriends before, and can’t answer this because they are all different. If I made one mistake, it was THINKING I had finally “understood” something about them after a fight or epiphany or something….only to apply that knowledge on my next gf/wife, and have it backfire.

90% of the time they just want to vent about a problem, they’re not asking for a solution.

A great thing to ask if you’re unsure – “do you want comfort or solutions?”. It helps.

Omg yes this. And don’t try to find a solution, this just makes it much worse. You just need to hear them out

You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese

They can be pacified with a peace of cheese.

The whole point of the first date is to make her feel safe and secure, not to impress her.

I matched with a guy on a dating app and for the first date he wanted to go on a hike in the woods alone. needless to say, I did not go on that date lol

How much a clean house is inextricably linked to a married woman’s libido. I’m 47 and realized that like 2 months ago.

Choreplay, baby. Absolutely a thing. (Especially if you live with a Psycho

I think you’ve got it backwards. A woman who gets little help from her spouse and is either constantly working to keep the house clean, or is living in a dirty/messy house, is going to be disinterested in sex. A woman who gets a lot of help from her spouse and is living in a spotless house might still be disinterested in sex.

In other words, a clean house is no guarantee of sex, but a dirty house is a guarantee of no sex.

Keep your house clean. Always. Girls LOVE a clean and tidy man.

Doing chores helps with getting laid.

Being tired and stressed can affect a lot of women’s sex drive very negatively, doubly so when they might hold some resentment towards their sex partner about not doing enough. Even if it isn’t directly affecting their sex drive, it might be that they won’t be able to enjoy it because they’re thinking about all the things they need to get done.

Women tend to have a lower desire for sex while the house is dirty and untidy. They feel like they can’t have sex in a house like that.

Always get extra fries, even if she says she doesn’t want anything.

Actions speak louder than words! Edit: men’s actions speak louder to women than their words. If you want to prove something to a women, act, dont just talk about it.

Words of wisdom from someone who’s been numb throughout my time with my wife and recently started to get my shit together. Couldn’t have asked for a better wife. Below are 2 points I’ve started to understand much more clearly recently:

The Importance of Communication: Men might find the subtleties of communication such as non-verbal cues, tone of voice, and the importance of listening actively to be complex. Understanding that communication is not just about what is said but how it is said and what is not said can be a learning curve.

Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing and valuing emotional intelligence, including empathy, emotional support, and understanding, can be something that takes time. Realizing that emotional support can be as crucial as solving a problem is key.

I can never tell if a woman is just being friendly or flirting with me

Safe bet is to always assume they’re just being friendly.

My wife has started doing that a lot more lately. I assume it’s because she’s more interested in what she has to say than what I have to say. So I don’t bother saying much anymore.

Doesn’t matter what happened. It matters what she feels happened.

My last romantic interest really hammered this point home before it all fell apart. We used to be on the same page with how we remembered past events, as long as she felt positively towards me, but when her feelings switched towards the negative, it was like her memories were warped by those feelings and she now remembered everything in a negative context, where no such context was present in reality. She simply refused to acknowledge the positive parts of those events, selectively remembering or reframing them as negative. Shit was bizzare to me as my feelings, positive or negative, don’t affect my recollection of what happened in the past, but for her feelings seemed like the primary factor. I’m not saying all women do this, but damned if I won’t be less trusting in the future with what they tell me about their past experiences.

So, here’s the most common one. I can remember the last time I actually yelled at my wife. Just not something I do a lot.

Let’s say I’m parking the car. I’m a pretty good driver, and have driven hundreds of thousands of miles without her. I’ve parked a car tens of thousands of times – I do it several times a day without her, and it’s fine.

The woman cannot go through a parking lot with me without pointing out which parking spot I should use. And it drives me fucking crazy, mostly because I’ve been asking her to stop doing it for thirty fucking years. If I get to where I can’t navigate a parking lot I’ll stop driving.

So I’ll say, “I’ve got it, thanks.” With a little bit of an edge.

And she says, “don’t yell at me!”

And from here, I can get into a pointless back and forth about whether I yelled or not.

I know I didn’t yell, but she feels yelled at.

So the fact of whether I yelled is irrelevant because we ended up in the same place.

So if I intended to make her feel that way, we continue the fight about the actual irritation and not about the facts of whether I yelled.

If I didn’t mean to make her feel that way, then I adjust my approach.

They are governed by a completely different operating system.

Why do women claim to be so wonderful at communicating when they will literally tell you one thing and have it mean the complete opposite. Wouldn’t it be easier on both of us if you just said what you ment or wanted?

Also a direct woman and wholeheartedly co-sign on this. Plenty of men in the past thought I was a bitch or had a big ego because I’m straightforward, have a low tolerance for bullshit and expect to be treated with respect. When they jerked me around I walked, to their shock. Women are socially conditioned to be sweet, agreeable, flexible and not have many needs of their own – step outside of that box and you feel the heat. Fortunately I never cared about what they thought anyway, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the things my partner likes best about me.

That explains why women may double-speak, but then why claim to be great communicators?

I absolutely fucking hate this. The “guess what I need/want” game can go straight in the bin. You are an adult, communicate like one.

Its like, hey babe I’m gonna get some food from place, do you want anything? She says no. I come home she eats half my food…….

Half the time they don’t know what they want or how they feel. How the hell are they going to have a good take on what men want?

That they aren’t more interested in you when you are nice and try to focus completely on them. It took me forever that the best thing I could do is be Dominant, have Confidence in what I do or believe, I have a goal im working towards, fun and most of all Boundaries.

Women want an emotionally stable man – but an emotionally stable man will send your ass out the door the moment you ignore his limits and boundaries. And that they find attractive.

My friend’s wife once told him “Don’t buy me flowers, don’t buy me anything, I don’t want anything!”

He took that to mean she didn’t want anything, so he got her nothing for their anniversary.

She was FURIOUS that he didn’t get her anything. “What, you thought I really didn’t want anything? You didn’t get me anything?!”

So the next year, she told him the same thing. “Don’t buy me flowers, don’t buy me anything, I don’t want anything!”

So he got her flowers and a card.

She was FURIOUS that he didn’t listen to her and got her things. “I told you I didn’t want anything, why did you get me stuff?!”

After that, he made sure to get her something thoughtful every year.

She was FURIOUS that he only did nice things for her on special occasions.

Honestly, you couldn’t write a sitcom about this.

No patience for that nonsense. How did it ever become a useful trait to be unbelievably high maintenance? Fuck that noise.

I still don’t understand them. The only thing I’ve worked out is they’re all completely fucking different.

They don’t love like us. They love like cats. Treat them well, show them an amazing time, then leave them alone. Never chase. When they want more of you they’ll hit you up

Every shy conservative woman is a horny slut only with “the right guy”

no means yes but also no and yes also sometimes means no

i dont trust a yes or a no anymore.. my exs have traumatized me

Interpret their actions than their words.

It’s been 56 years, and I feel like I understand them less now than I ever thought I did.

I’ve found that the the thing women have the hardest time with is that we are very simple creatures. The concept of thinking about nothing seems to totally allude you, yet we can be happy with only one thought in our head at a time. This appears to infuriate many women, who are so accustomed to multitasking that the concept of us having the ability to sit in silence AND BE HAPPY drives you all crazy!

I guess im still learning this but I learned that a lot of women just like to tell you things just so you know how they are feeling, not necessarily because they want a solution. EVERY SINGLE one of my girl friends at some point complain that they need to use the bathroom and whenever I tell them to go, they always say “I’ll wait” or “I don’t need to go that badly”.

I’m 52, wtf the are you talking about understand 🥴. Just when you think you got them figured menopause hits. Consider yourself warned.

Took me forever to understand I’ll never fully understand them.

That most of the time when they complain about a problem, they just want empathy, not a solution

That most of the time, when they tell you about a problem, they’re looking to vent, not expect a solution.

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